Money-Making Moms Design Your Ultimate Course Offerings!

Get 15 of the Most Profitable Course Topics for Small Business Owners & Hustling Moms

Hi Moms, Business Women, & Super Stars!

Are you looking to grow your business or share your insights with others in your industry? I mean, that’s the goal for us all, isn’t it?

But the trouble, how do you create a desirable offering or course that’ll stand out in the sea of online education?

What’s more, designing a course can be exhausting and take a LOT of time you don’t have as a busy mom and entrepreneur.

What’s a Girl to Do?!

Easy! Get your very own proven guide. 

In Creative Cash-flowing Course Ideas Workbook: 15 Most Profitable Course Topics for Small Business Owners, you’ll get the practical tools you need to design your offerings, market them, and get that cash flowing in!


Creative Cash-flowing Course Ideas Is Packed Full of Goodies, Including:

Formulas to create 15 different, tried-and-true courses that are proven to generate interest.

A comprehensive breakdown of what each offer teaches and even a list of great titles and journal prompts for every course.

Launch content ideas you can use to create freebies, posts, etc.

Impactful course suggestions like Instagram, Facebook Groups, Membership Sites, and more.

Can I Start Selling Courses Today?

Totally! The Creative Cash-flowing Course Ideas Workbook: 15 Most Profitable Course Topics for Small Business Owners workbook is straightforward and simple. You can spark new ideas for courses and actually plan them out through the journal prompts. You’ll be ready to sell in less than 24 hours.

The powerful journal prompts and instructions help you put together your course and format the perfect launch offers. Best of all, if one idea doesn’t suit you or your business, don’t fret! There are 15 course ideas, and at least one of them (though I bet you’ll love a bunch of them) will be perfect for you.

This is the Done-For-You Button You Deserve!

Sit down with your workbook for one business day. You’ll soon be implementing the right courses for your business and be back to hanging out with your friends and family in no time. These courses sell themselves and put your money-making on autopilot. No need to spend hours hunched over your desk thinking up new online education offerings!

Find a Course That Fits Your Business & Get Started Selling It In Just a Few Hours!

Still need convincing?

Did you know the online education business is estimated to become a $1 trillion industry by 2028, according to Global Market Insights?

Online courses are a big deal, and the industry is truly booming. This is your chance to get a piece of that tasty pie. Don’t miss out on all this workbook has to offer.

The benefits of online courses are huge for small business owners–particularly when you’re teaching and helping other small business owners. Your knowledge can go to good use and make you the cash you deserve to kick back and relax.

Get started today!

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