Self-image is vital to our mental health, and further to our personal and professional success. Our discussions lately have focused on self love in all its forms, from healthy nutrition to a healthy mind, both of which are building blocks for your self-image.

My recent conversation with Tamekia Hart Baker focused on how positivity can guide us to a stronger self-image, and how this thinking translates into a successful business and life balance. Read on for our takeaways about the process of empowering yourself and your endeavors with a better, healthier self-image.

Who is our guest, Tamekia Baker?

Tamekia is a wife, mother of two, ministry leader, mentor, life coach, and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, and currently lives here in Charlotte.

She believes that every woman is uniquely qualified with a purposeful gift from God, and designed by God. She owns Living Only On Purpose, LLC, which is her platform to mentor and uplift women. She also owns a custom clothing line called Loop Custom Apparel, which is curated to promote female empowerment and feminine positivity.

Tamekia has a passion to help women embrace confidence and feel assured holistically: body, mind, and soul.

Let Positivity Fuel Your Self-Image

Positivity and a positive self-image are what inspired Tamekia to found Loop Custom Apparel.

“I was seeing t-shirts with a lot of negative messages and images. I knew it was really possible to evangelize through these t-shirts.”

Tamekia Baker

Using her background in marriage ministry, she started printing t-shirts with positive messages to uplift and uphold the role of husband and wife. From there, positivity guided her to expand and customize her business to where it is today. In exploring her journey, we discussed a number of ways to strengthen your self-image as you grow.

Trust in Yourself

Tamekia tells me that “self confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and even judgment. That’s deep. Self confidence and self-image are not just about our outward appearance, but what we trust ourselves to bring to the table”

For her, a strong self-image comes from focusing on your strengths, and acknowledging that nobody is perfect. “Gaining a positive self-image starts with asking yourself what you do well. Your strengths are what you’re going to bless people with. And along with developing your strengths comes embracing your flaws and the things you can’t change.”

Give Yourself Credit for Where You Are

A negative self-image can stop you from appreciating what you have. Society pushes us to constantly reach for the next thing; as soon as you achieve one goal, you move on to the next. We aren’t built to appreciate the achievements we’ve already made that got us to this point. Sitting with your achievements, however small you may think they are, helps you to be present in the moment and to feel the blessings around you. Improving your self worth starts with meeting yourself where you are , and focusing on what you already have.

Maybe you’ve internalized negativity from your parents or from your childhood. Recognizing where the negativity is stemming from can help you to address it, heal, and move forward. Take the example of natural hair. Many of us were told we had “bad hair” when we were young and grew up disliking our own hair. But today, so many women have embraced their natural curls as adults. Think about the willpower it takes to move between those two places, and give yourself the credit you deserve.

Assemble Your Dream Team

When it comes to finding your best self, surrounding yourself with the people who bring out that best in you is essential. Tamekia likens having a close inner circle of friends to putting together a basketball team: everyone is different, but that’s what makes the team whole. Having people with different qualities and skills gives you more to learn and aspire to in your own life. You glean new inspiration from those around you, so make sure your support system is strong and motivating. As she notes, “Iron sharpens iron.” Spend time building your relationships with people whom you can teach and learn from, and nurture those friendships.

Finding people who you respect and admire to spend time with can help you find those qualities in yourself. Finding security in your relationships will give you strength to deal with hardships, as well as to improve your self-image. Reminding yourself of real world friendships and experiences helps you avoid falling into the trap of comparing yourself to people you don’t know. While social media can be a great tool in promoting your business and forming networking connections, it can also perpetuate harmful and unrealistic images that can damage your self-image.

Take Control of Your Self-Image

Whether it’s writing affirmations in a journal, practicing gratitude every day, or asking for help when you need it, working on your self-image can come in small doses. It’s best to take note of what alters your positivity and mood – is it eating better, working on your side hustle, cutting down on social media?

Pay attention and let those changes and feelings guide you. A healthy self-image will help you not just in your everyday life, but in your business ventures as well. If you want to shop Tamekia’s custom apparel and accessories, make sure to visit Mompreneurs get 10% off with the promo code MOM21.

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