Take Your Side Hustle From Far-Fetched Dream to Concrete Reality

Lay the Foundations for Your Business in a Single Weekend in 12 Steps

Are you tired of working for a big boss in a corporate environment where you don’t feel appreciated and want to put your talents to better use in your own business? It’s time for a change and a plan.

Welcome to the Weekend Planner – the strategy that will take your side hustle from a far-fetched dream to a concrete reality in just a single weekend!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards building your own business!

Put Your Big Idea Into Action!

You’ve been sitting on that great idea or that unique service that can help you break free from your 9-to-5 and embrace a life of financial freedom. 

With the Weekend Planner, you will start at the beginning to narrow down your focus so you’re creating a business you love. Then we’ll move through multiple planning stages that build upon each other to give you a sturdy foundation for your business when you open your doors. 

Yes, it is possible to plan an amazing business in just a weekend! 

In fact, this course will teach you how to take your business from idea to fully realized with just 12 steps. 

Stop waiting on the “perfect” time to start a business. Quit thinking that your businesses ideas are “silly” or “won’t work”

It’s time to take action.

Get defined, actionable steps to begin planning out the perfect side hustle!

In the Create Your Side Hustle Plan Weekend Planner, you get the game plan to:

– Brainstorm the perfect side hustle for you
– Define your dream client
– Proclaim your unique value proposition
– Build your virtual infrastructure and website
– Design your launch party

And so much more!

It’s time to make your dream side hustle a reality. Get the course here:

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