Avoid The Risks That Cause Most Businesses To Fail!

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Whether a home-based business or a brick-and-mortar, running a business is not easy. It takes proven strategies and consistent practices to ensure its existence years down the road…

Why You Need Help Starting Your Business

According to the Small Business Administration:


Which category do you want your business to be in?

This video course will provide you with the help you need to successfully start your business!

Starting your own business is enough of a risk. Don’t just wing it. Know the proven strategies and practices you need to do regularly in order for your business to win. 

The Start A Home-Based Business Now Mini-Course will teach you how to:

Don’t leave your great business idea to chance!

And don’t settle for being among the businesses that fail within the first few years!

Take the time to learn the strategies needed to make your business successful and keep it flourishing for years down the road!

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About Rasheeda...

Hi. My name is Rasheeda. I am a Christian, wife, mother of two, and Founder of MompreneurHQ.

Through the years I’ve learned what it takes to gain life and business harmony, to be the entrepreneur AND the mom you know you can be. I have a degree in Business Management and worked in corporate finance and customer service for almost 2 decades. 

I’ve also started 4 businesses of my own and helped countless others start their own businesses. MompreneurHQ is centered around helping mom entrepreneurs in their every pursuit to start and build successful businesses by providing outstanding resources, detailed training programs, and a passionate team of industry professionals who are dedicated to seeing moms like you succeed.