Starting a home-based business is within your reach!

It’s possible, and these past few years have put plenty of entrepreneurs on display. For most home-based business owners, passion is what keeps them going. 

Now is your time. What’s holding you back?

With any new adventure, there is a risk. According to the Small Business Administration, 33% of small businesses closed within the first two years of opening. Half of small businesses will fail after 10 years.

If these statistics tempt you to scratch your dreams, I have some good news for you today. There are proven strategies and practices to keep small business owners on the path to success. 

Instead of leaving your business idea to chance, I want to help you invest in your dream. When successful, home-based business owners enjoy tremendous befits. They experience financial freedom, purpose-filled production, work-life balance, personal growth and fulfillment, and more control. 

Here are three ways to launch your home-based business: 

Discover and Create a Business Idea 💡

Before you quit your job or empty your savings account, you need a plan — and a purpose. Your business idea should be profitable, needed, and sustainable. Here are a few ways to find your focus:

  • Know your passions, skills, and expertise
  • Find a personal problem and see how it can help others 
  • Picture your dream job — and create the position
  • Research needs of your target audience
  • Count the costs to chase your dream

Spend time today and create something special. 

Refine Your Branding, Products, and Services ☑️

You’re on to something special when you realize your business idea is profitable and sustainable. Now, it’s time to tighten up your talking points. Define your branding by identifying your value proposition and stand-out qualities. Start with these tips:

  • Know your value
  • Translate your idea into a product or service
  • Choose an identity — and stay consistent
  • Prioritize the pain points of your target audience 
  • Choose a simple design, but remain memorable

Love what you do and make it easy for the world to see.

Complete A Business Plan 📄

You can feel on top of the world when you have a great business idea. You may be ready to pitch to investors or even leave a stable income. Slow down and create a plan. A business plan is also beneficial when presenting to potential funders. Include these sections:

  • Executive summary
  • Company description and structure
  • Market analysis
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Products and services
  • Sales and marketing strategy 
  • Funding request (if needed)
  • Financial plan and projections
  • Appendices

Plan with potential and welcome new investors.

Get Started With a Guide 🧭

Building a business is hard work. Searching for best practices and strategies takes time — and it can feel overwhelming. 

I have five more business-boosting strategies to share if you are ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Find everything in one place with my Start A Home-Based Business Now Mini-Course.

Your business doesn’t have to be in the sea of bad plans. Order your course today to create a successful, sustainable home-based business. I would love to walk by your side and see your business thrive.