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Achieve work life harmony without the stress and overwhelm of doing it on your own!

How MompreneurHQ Works

Gain the confidence and skills you need to build a profitable, home-based business

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MompreneurHQ will help you take your struggling online business and turn it into a sustainable, 5-figure business. You will learn how to become the successful entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be while juggling the busy life of being a mom.

You will improve your time management skills and your mindset to better handle your online business.

Gain a blueprint of how to turn your services and skills into a profitable business.

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If you have ever thought about starting your own virtual business, MompreneurHQ will help you make it a reality.

Gain a success roadmap that walks you through the process of going from Mom to Mompreneur.

Learn how to identify your most marketable skills and find clients that want the services you will offer.

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Are you an existing Mompreneur that is ready to GROW? MompreneurHQ can help you build that lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Develop a strategy for continued growth and furthering your income potential.

MompreneurHQ will help you create the generational wealth you desire for your family through a successful virtual, home-based business.

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“I wasn’t confident and clear as to how I should get started. I felt flustered and overwhelmed with no direction.

But as I met weekly with Rasheeda, ideas began to become clearer… and my self-motivation and confidence began to increase.

I was transformed by taking a stance to believe in my product and not sell myself short by underestimating the hard work as it relates to pricing.

I feel more confident than what I did in the beginning, I learned how to create my master class and know the importance of adding eye-catching content that will captivate my audience.”


“Rasheeda showed me that I was already on the right track, but could weave some of my other passions beautifully into my existing coaching business.

One potential client is already interested! I will definitely be keeping Rasheeda on as my Business Coach, and if you’ve thought about coaching with her, I can attest that you won’t be disappointed. At this point I can’t imagine not having her support!”


“You were knowledgeable and had money-making tips from the very beginning. Super valuable information for business owners.

I was able to zero in on my core client also known as my client avatar. Being able to zero in allowed me to gear my packages and marketing straight to them.

I am at a steady place now, with literally three newly signed contracts from clients. I came in with not one client on the roster (still releasing my books though) to now I am actively working with clients.”


“Good morning Mrs. Green, I just want to let you know that I really learned a great deal from our Zoom Meeting this morning.

I will treasure and use the information pertaining to writing a business plan. Thank you for your time and patience. You are God-send to small business owners.”


“ I knew a new set of eyes would shed light on where changes were needed that I couldn’t see.

As far as editing and expanding within the book itself, with now more chapter titles and poem titles that pulled the book together per your suggestion.

Right now I’m still selling books. From the short time working with you. I’m currently on a different site where I can ship out & get direct pay instead of Amazon with the ebook which moved very slow. “

About Rasheeda...

Hi. My name is Rasheeda. I am a Christian, wife, mother of two, and Founder of MompreneurHQ.

Through the years I’ve learned what it takes to gain life and business harmony, to be the entrepreneur AND the mom you know you can be. I have a degree in Business Management and worked in corporate finance and customer service for almost 2 decades. I’ve also started 4 businesses of my own and helped countless others start their own businesses. MompreneurHQ is centered around helping mom entrepreneurs in their every pursuit to start and build successful businesses by providing outstanding resources, detailed training programs, and a passionate team of industry professionals who are dedicated to seeing moms like you succeed.

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If you are considering starting your own home-based business, but are struggling with self-doubt and overwhelmed with everything that being an entrepreneur entails, download the free guide. Gain the clarity and confidence you need to get started!

“Learn the 10 Reasons you should start your Home-Based Virtual Business NOW!”