Embracing gratitude to create more abundance and clarity in your life will require creating new habits, commitment and focus. Here are 5 ideas for maximizing your efforts, to make your new lifestyle as joyful and stress-free as possible.

Surround Yourself with Beauty 🌼

Look for ways to add visual beauty in your surroundings. Treat yourself to fresh flowers every week. Get rid of clutter. Find ways to incorporate images that bring you peace into every day items such as your coffee mug, your mouse, your pens, and inspirational posters.

Dress for Success 👚

No, this doesn’t mean wearing a power-suit, or whatever is most fashionable in women’s business wear today. We’re talking comfortable clothing for the occasion, whether it be working or working out, staying in or going out — be comfortable.

Incorporate Color Therapy 🌈

Color has been shown to enhance mood … or knock it down. If you’re most comfortable hiding in dark, dull colors, that’s okay … but now is your perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and wear gorgeous, rich and vibrant colors to boost your mood.

This is especially relevant to athleisure wear! Light colors or whites show up sweat—as do dull colors. Go neon, even. Rich magenta; energizing, jewel-toned turquoise; bright, playful purple; happy orange—whatever color speaks to you the most, dare to wear it. Embrace your joyful side.

And see where else in your life you can use color for mood-boosting and gratitude enhancement too.

Practice Gratitude Waking and Falling Asleep 💤

The quickest way to get into the habit of gratitude: Find three things to be grateful for, first thing in the morning—before even opening your eyes. And when your head hits the pillow, think of three things you were grateful for that happened during the day. (And feel free to add more, if you like!)

Heal Relationships with Gratitude 🙏

No matter how angry you are with someone, don’t go to bed without thinking about, finding and telling them something you love about them. What you’ll find is that anger, resentment and unforgiveness hurts you more than the other person in the long run. 

This is just the beginning of the list. Stay tuned for more. 

Are you in search of the elusive work-life balance?


Are you in search of the elusive work-life balance?