When you’re part of a family, you’re supposed to be there for each other. Sadly, real life doesn’t look much like it does on TV, especially for entrepreneurs.

Heartfelt conversations followed by a laugh track with a heavy ‘awwww’ at the perfect moment when people really connect are a creation of Hollywood writers looking to emulate what people wish life would be. It just doesn’t happen this way in real life.

Create a support system in your family, so no matter what happens, you’ll have someone to lean on.

Rasheeda Green

Or does it?

As a mom, it can be difficult to juggle the demands of home and work. Although, your reality might not be sitcom perfect, a strong family support system doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. In fact, it’s a lot simpler than you might imagine. You start with these six tips:

Create a schedule that works for everyone πŸ“…

Include your family in on your work hours and availability.  Make a family calendar visible to all, to reduce questions and confusion. Don’t overcommit, as this will likely cause undue stress.

Show Gratitude πŸ™

This is one of the earliest lessons we teach our kids: Always say “please” and “thank you.” Showing gratitude is a way of saying you notice the effort and appreciate it. Please note: kids who hear this from their parents are more likely to say it themselves.

Put in the Time ⏱️

Not everyone has a lot of time to spend with their kids. Today, even children have complicated schedules filled with lessons and activities. Add to this a busy work schedule for mom and dad, and it’s hard to make time just to spend with each other.

By making sure quality time is spent in connecting and playing, you build closer family bonds, which in turn strengthens the family support system.

Talk to Each Other πŸ€™

Perhaps one of the biggest problems families have is in the area of communication. While everyone, parents, and children both are anxious to talk and make their points known, not much listening goes on. By practicing better listening skills and learning how to respect what the other person says, even when disagreeing, you create a space safe for discussion.

Problem Solving 🚩

How are you at creatively finding solutions to the issues which come up in the family? By encouraging the family to work together on these difficulties, you build teamwork and a mutual interest in the things which crop up in family life, which are sometimes difficult to solve.

Teamwork πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

Your family will help you keep on track even as you help them to reach their own goals. Ask for help when needed, and lend a hand when asked as often as you can. When you celebrate together when things go right, and console one another when things go wrong, you teach your children you’re in this together. No matter what!

A strong family support system begins with the parents. What you do now will impact the support system your children have today and the support systems they seek for themselves in the future.

Be the role mode, set the example. Help show them the way that you might all succeed together.