You can manage time better by finding lost time. Lost time is that which you didn’t even realize you were wasting in the first place. It’s almost like keeping change in a piggy bank and one day you realize it’s totaled over $100!

Don’t waste the time that most people do ⏱️

There are ways to find time that’s often overlooked because people tend to think of time management as being large blocks of time available. But you can do a lot with just ten or fifteen minutes.

Don’t waste the time you have while waiting in a doctor’s office or while exercising. If you like to use a treadmill, you can get one that has a desk so that you can take care of something that has to be dealt with.

Realize that not everything that seems important is 🔥

It only seems that way. Look at your life and stop doing the things that aren’t important that drain your time. If something isn’t a matter of you being happy and succeeding personally or professionally, then it’s not important.

Run ahead, not behind 🏃

When you get behind schedule, it can make you feel a lot of pressure and it adds stress to your life. Try to get things done ahead of time because this gives you a buffer in time management.

Delegating is a great way to help with time management ✔️

Most people like to do things themselves because they know that the job is done correctly, right?. But if you do the things that others can do, it’s draining your time. For example, some time drains are things like mowing the grass or cleaning the house, scheduling meetings, handling social media updates.

What you can do is to look at how much it costs you to do the tasks that you do. If someone else can do them, then you’re not only losing time – you’re losing money.

A great example is if you earn $200 per hour, then an hour of mowing the grass costs you $200. But if you pay someone $50 to mow the grass, then you saved an hour and $150 because you gained time.

Deal with emails the right way 📧

This coming from the one who has repeatedly seen an email count over 100k. Handling email causes more people to get off track than any other online task beside social media and online games.

Manage your time wisely with email by setting aside a specific time to deal with email and setting a time limit on how long you’ll take responding to the messages.

If they’re not important, don’t save them to look at later because they’ll only pile up in your inbox. If your life allows you to, hire an assistant to deal with handling your email.

Series Conclusion

Time management is something I hear about in the community often, so I hope that these emails have helped you to better manage your time.

While this concludes our time management series, I want to keep sharing information that will benefit our community.

Be sure to reply with your ideas on what topic I should focus on next.